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Monday, February 20, 2017

Arbor Day Farm, Day Two

First thing the next morning, we checked out the Arbor Day Lodge but I was too busy keeping kids from crossing the ropes and touching things to take pictures :p  They actually thought it was really cool to see all the "old timey" furniture and clothes and had me read a bunch of the information cards to them :)  After the Lodge, it was back over to the Farm to check out the unpaved hiking trail.  Because we had a stroller for W, the lady at admissions recommended we go backwards through the trail--there were steps and hills and things and she said it would be easier to get the stroller down than up--we did have a couple areas where we had to go up steps but the majority was down and she was right, much easier to haul the stroller down than up!

Whenever we stopped to explore and let Baby W out, B was right there to hold his hand

I think one of their favorite parts was the Three Bears Chairs :)  B loved climbing on the biggest one