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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Adventures of Duck, Trip Three Day One

Duck left early this morning and by early afternoon, we still hadn't received any pictures from him so the kids decided to take some Kid Adventures pictures with Army Duck.  He hid in one of the cubby holes in our truck as we set off to take the Busy Little B to speech therapy:

Once Duck saw that, he sent us our first (and only!) picture of Day One of his third trip on the road--he also hid in a cubby hole in Mr. Piper's work truck :)

The kids thought this was hilarious, especially B--he could not stop laughing over it :)

After a good speech therapy session, B got to pick a prize and brought home a little blue fish.  He wanted Army Duck to take a picture with Fish and he talked S into snapping a phone at a red light:

And, of course, Army Duck had to send his pal Duck a picture to show we arrived home:

Hopefully Duck isn't so busy tomorrow and sends some more photos for the kids :)