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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Who knew Sam's Club hot dogs were so exciting?

My kids all love going to Sam's Club.  Why?  SAMPLES!!!!  They were quite disappointed the other day that not one single sample was in sight.  Because they were on holiday at school, we went during the day in the middle of the week instead of the usual weekend trip (technically my trips are usually in the middle of the week when I only have one kid underfoot but when they go with me, its typically on a weekend when there are samples everywhere).  The disappointment of not getting to try food they will love in the store but refuse to eat at home was short lived, however, since I let them visit the deli for a hot dog before we left :D  Pretty sure I will never be as excited about a Sam's Club hot dog as Baby W, though!

My kids had another big disappointment when we left, though :(  They love to hand our receipt to the door checker and usually the checker puts a big smiley face on the receipt (one guy even put glasses on the smiley face the day Miss Iz was wearing her glasses!  I could have kissed him because its a fight to get her to wear them and she thought it was so cool he liked her glasses enough to draw them).  THEY LOVE IT! But they've been told they can't do anything but mark off the receipt so no more smiley faces :(  I'm sure there is a reason that makes a lot of sense to the powers that be but my kids sure will miss one of their favorite rituals :\