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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It all depends on presentation!

For the longest time, Baby W could only handle thickened purees.  It took him far longer to be able to eat "real" food than my other kids but once he was able to, he never looked back and those purees?  He wasn't touching them!  At 18 months, he is just starting to agree to eat applesauce but no more than a few spoonfuls.  Three times a week, he goes to feeding therapy and most of those days, Izzy is with us and she packs her little bag with a snack and drink so she can sit with him and they can eat together.  She LOVES applesauce but I quickly found letting her bring a container with spoon is messy and it annoys the feeding therapist when it ends up on the table and/or floor ;-)  We pick up those fruit sauce pouches from Aldi and they are ONLY for feeding therapy--the rest of the time they can dish applesauce into a bowl and eat it regularly.  The other day W unpacked Izzy's bag after we got home and discovered her fruit pouch (she only ate some of it and put the cap back on for later) and apparently, if it comes in pouch form you can "drink", applesauce is fantastic and to be completely eaten immediately :D