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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Adventures of Duck: Day Three

The plan was to give Duck a cool name and maybe even give him his own Instagram account so his adventures would all be in one place for the kids to look at but after three days of Duck pictures, the kids are calling him Duck and I think its sticking LOL  My vote was for Don Quixote (one, because its one of my favorite books and two, because Don Quixote travels on his own adventures) and Mr. Piper seemed on board with that but yeah, the kids call him Duck and stare blankly at me if I call him anything else.  I was holding off on giving him his own Instagram until we had a definite name on him but now I'm wondering if I should just stick with Duck and set him up :p

Today Duck was lazy, though, and only sent us one picture!

 He was in Texas this morning and it was raining pretty hard.  Mr. Piper says they didn't get out and take pictures because of the rain.  My Busy Little B was kinda disappointed Duck didn't sent him more pictures but he said we needed to take pictures of our Green Duck to make up for Duck being lazy.

Our morning started out pretty chilly--Green Duck was supposed to go warm up the truck but the windows were still all frosty when we got outside!

All day long, Iz asked me if today we could eat at the star place.  At first I wasn't sure what she meant but eventually she remembered the actual name and asked to go to Hardees.  She kept up a steady stream of convincing arguments like but we haven't eaten there in so long, wouldn't a burger taste good today, but its Valentine's Day and you shouldn't have to cook, isn't tonight a late night after appointments, and my favorite, a place with a star has to be good.  She was supposed to get pork cutlets for dinner but she lucked out--Mom was absolutely exhausted after a full day of appointments and errands so off we went to the "star place"

 In the mail today was a package from my Mom for Valentine's Day--Baby W got a cute little bear and he became our constant companion today.  Bear and Green Duck went on a date to the "star place"

What date would be complete without a gladiator battle?  Elephant and Green Duck fought it out.  No one won, though, because they decided it would be more fun to eat fries.

Bear and Green Duck have a cuddle while waiting for their food.

  Apparently Green Duck is an every duck for himself type--poor Bear AND Elephant were shoved to the side while Green Duck swooped in to eat fries LOL