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Sunday, February 26, 2017

We are starting to think poor Duck will never make it back home!

Duck started was working his way north today so he could meet up with yet another Big Truck so he could turn right back around and head for Texas again.  When the kids woke up, Duck still hadn't sent a picture so they sent him one:

Introducing Adventure Duck!  He has a little compass so we figure he's an outdoor enthusiast, hiking through the woods and bird watching or something :)  He decided to help made a Duck Adventures post ;)

Duck sent us a picture back that he had reached the Missouri state line.  My Busy Little B was so excited about this picture--he certainly does not take after me.  He loves bridges, I, however, do not!

Our next picture came from Army Duck.  Baby W fell asleep on my lap and I think Army Duck got confused--he thinks he was storming the mountain but it was just W's head ;)

Duck finally met up with the Big Truck in Percival, Iowa and then it was time to head back to Texas!  They made it into Missouri and are hoping to hit Texas tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Miss Iz had a dinner date with Adventure Duck :)