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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Adventures of Duck: Day One

When Baby W had his MRI, they gave him a little duck to play with.  This hospital is known for its ducks (well, known to my kids at least--they love the tiny rubber duckies!) and they have all kinds of different "costumes".  My kiddos love to get new ducks--actually, so do I!  They had an Elvis duck the other day and I was pretty disappointed my daughter chose a green and white duck instead ;)  On the day of his MRI, the only duck the registration lady had was a yellow duck with a sombrero and maraca and my husband grew so attached to him, Duck went on the road with him!  The kids absolutely love seeing Duck's Adventures and wait impatiently for new photos to come through  :)  Honestly, he's on the road so much that all the pictures are pretty much the same ones we've already seen but the addition of Duck has made them exciting again for the kids :P

 Duck's first picture came through while he was still in our driveway!  The kids thought it was hilarious that Duck's first "post" on my phone popped up when they could still see him outside the window.  Mr. Piper is piloting a semi carrying a large building down to Texas so he had to get his signs and flags up before he left to go meet up with the semi.
 The kids think Duck should send photos way more often than he does but he tends to be stingy with his posts ;)  They do like seeing some of the signs showing places they are familiar with!

 My Busy Little B loved seeing Duck pump gas :p  He thought it was hilarious!

Uh oh.  The big semi's check engine light came on so they had some downtime checking things out to see what was wrong.  Duck worked hard to fix things and eventually they were on the road again.