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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Adventures of Duck: Day Two

 Duck started out his day in Missouri--his job is to ride behind the building and make sure the semi driver stays on route and doesn't hit anything.  He tells the driver if he needs to move over, when cars are turning onto the road, when its safe to turn, etc.

 Crossing into Oklahoma actually means Duck's job is harder now!  Instead of highway driving, they will be getting off onto some of the back roads to avoid the toll road.  There are lots of little turns and towns to drive through so Duck must be extra careful.

 Passing through an Oklahoma town

Time to stop!  The big truck isn't allowed on the road after sunset so they stopped about thirty miles before the Texas border to get settled in.  Duck has to check over the building after it is parked.

 Around the time Duck was stopping for the night, my Busy Little B was getting out of speech therapy and we were getting settled in to drive  home.  The kids got our their ducks and decided to send Daddy some Duck Adventures of their own.  Introducing Fluffy Duck above and Green Duck below!

 Back in Oklahoma, Duck was settling into a nice hotel.

 On his way to dinner, he stopped to check over things one more time.

 Tires look good!

Um, Duck?  Are you sure you should be eating eggs for dinner?