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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What do I do with all this extra time?

It feels so weird not to be going to feeding therapy.  We've been going since December, almost three months total.  Most weeks we hit our three times a week goal but there were a few where we did one or two visits instead.  Three visits doesn't seem like much but with travel time and the actual visit it was about two hours per visit.  Six hours a week.  Many times it put us in a time crunch, having to rush home to pick up the Busy Little B and then go right back to the therapy center for his appointment.  I look at my schedule for the rest of the week and it looks so empty :p  It isn't, really, but seeing "feeding therapy" on the list takes a big chunk out of my mental calendar so NOT seeing it?  Frees up all that space in there ;)

This is an excellent problem to have :D