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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Yesterday was Baby W's MRI to check his brain/nerves to rule out possible causes for his swallowing difficulties and developmental delays.  We had a check in of 9am but an MRI time of 10:30 so we had lots of time for exploring his hospital room :)  Child Life brought him cars to play with and we put music on to listen to and aside from staff coming and going, he thought it was a fine and fun thing to be at the hospital!

Things got NOT FUN when they came to take him away--he had to sit on the bed to be rolled through the halls and tunnels (the actual MRI was in the adult hospital instead of the Children's Hospital) and he decided he was not doing it, nope, no way.  His Dad got on the bed and held him and he cried for a few minutes and then decided it was okay to calm down and watch since he was safe in Daddy's arms :)

Because of his swallowing difficulties he had to be under anesthesia instead of just sedation so when we got to the MRI room, they used a tiny mask to put him to sleep and then off to the waiting room we went while they got him intubated and set up with all his wires and monitors and IV.

He woke up MAD.  They said he started spinning in circles on the bed and thrashing and when they tried to hold him he was kicking and fighting.  They came and got me (the bed was only halfway through the doorway of MRI so he really woke up fast and fighting LOL) and as soon as he was in my arms, he calmed down, put his little arms around my neck, put his head on my shoulder, and was fast asleep and snoring in seconds.  So it was my turn to ride on the bed holding him while we went all the way back to the Children's Hospital.

It took him a while to wake up fully but once he did he devoured the breakfast the nurse ordered him (scrambled eggs and fruit) and then we were off home and he was absolutely fine the rest of the day.

Today they called--the brain looks fine, no abnormal anatomy.  But his ears are full of fluid again (we've been dealing with ear and sinus infections for months--he was finally clear last week but maybe not for long.....).