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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Adventures of Duck: Trip Two, Day One

Duck and Daddy had a couple days off to spend at home and then they hit the road again! It was an early morning start--the semi hauling the building is allowed to leave around sunrise and drive until sunset so they try to make the most of daylight and get as far as they can:

Mid morning, it was time to take a break to look over the permits.  Each state gives them a route they have to follow and it can mean big fines if they deviate so it pays to make sure you are on the right roads!

Duck went right by the airport in Kansas City, MO.  The kids and I were wondering why he needs to go to the airport--Duck has wings ;-)

40 miles from Joplin, MO, and the big truck decided to do some passing:

The road sure is busy today!  Now some other trucks are passing Duck:

Duck decided to stop in Big Cabin, OK--they can't get to the next possible stop before the daylight is gone so here they'll stay:

Duck heads over to Vinita to visit Clanton's Cafe

Mr. Piper is always on the lookout to try some new chicken fried steak.  This trip has the added bonus of trying a new Triple D location

Good-night, Duck!  See you in the morning :)