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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Adventures of Duck, Trip Two Day Two

The day started out grey in Oklahoma--the route through Oklahoma is lots of back roads and small towns with tons of turns!  Duck has to pay close attention to make sure he doesn't miss the turn

Duck's second picture of the day had me singing "19 miles to Calvin" to the tune of Gene Pitney's "24 Hours to Tulsa".  Pretty sure the kids think Mum's a bit crazy.

Duck was rather quiet today--too busy concentrating on getting to Texas, getting the building delivered, and heading back north.  He didn't send another picture until he was back in Oklahoma and approaching the state line, ten miles from Kansas.  The sky cleared up, though, and he got to enjoy some gorgeous light.

Without the building to escort, Duck can travel after the sun sets so he kept right on going until he reached Topeka--time to go inside the hotel and sleep!