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Friday, July 12, 2013

A dollar reward

The other day on our way home from yet another trip to the Children's Hospital for yet another specialist appointment (S and Iz both this time)(I think the gas prices are going to be the end of me.....), we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things (lettuce, carrots, celery).  Because we were only grabbing three things right at the front of the store, we didn't get a cart.  We all held hands and the boys proudly helped carry our items :)  They love to help but usually get distracted on a longer trip through the store.

We are lucky and a lady is walking away from a self-checkout stand just as we are coming--we can just scan and go!  However, she apparently missed some of her change because there is still a dollar in the paper money tray.  S and I both call out to her to let her know she left her change and she comes back, telling us she doesn't know how she missed it.  She gets it from the tray, turns and bends down, and tells S it is his reward for being so honest :)  He was so proud of his reward and posed with it when we got back to the car :p  The dollar is now gone, traded in for a Despicable 2 Minion whistle from McDonald's.  And while I am quite tired of hearing the whistle, I have yet to say anything because he is so very proud of how he got it :)