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Monday, July 15, 2013


I am feeling so frustrated.  It seemed as though it took forever to get my kids moved over to the new pediatrician practice out of the Children's Hospital.  It was a hard decision.  Not the decision to actually move them as we knew they would get better care, but the logistics to go with it--it is a time consuming trip and a pricey one (please, gas prices, come down) but well worth it for the level of care.  S and Iz are already off and running with referrals and have both started working with a psychologist for help with their anxieties (and S's ADHD).

But my Busy Little Bee, *sigh*  We know something is going on but no one really has a clear idea what it may be.  He pretty much failed every section of his developmental screening and he scored "high" on the autism screening so he was referred to the Children's Hospital Autism Center--more driving, more time, but I was good with that because of the fact that it was the CH.  And then we hit a brick wall.  His insurance only covers autism stuff with kids in the same county as the CH--we are not :\  So we got referred to our local county services and I have been running in circles for two weeks now trying to jump through their hoops.  I have done everything asked of me, as soon as I possibly could, and he still doesn't even have an appointment :(  I am so so frustrated that we got bumped back to this county :\