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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rainy Day Crafting

After the hot and humid days of last week, the past few days of rain rain and more rain haven't really been much of a relief :p  Now we are cooped up inside and if we try to go somewhere, we get soaked just trying to get out to the car!  There has been lots of thunder and lightning to scare all three kids but at least our garden is loving it :p

Luckily, S loves to create so he has been spending rainy days making pictures and his own books and inventing new games to play with Legos :p  Sometimes B will join him and draw me a picture but even when B is off playing in the other room, S doing crafts gives us some peace :p  Those kids of mine may love each other but man, can they also fight, especially when cooped up together all day long......