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Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Eight years ago today started as just another day.  I was on bed rest so I spent the morning laying on my left side.  I had a routine OB appointment.  A few days earlier, I had seen my perinatologist--the PIH was beginning to affect my organs so he wanted delivery soon but we were only in week 36 and his goal was to see if we could make it to 37 weeks.  At the NST at the OB's, nothing they tried got a response out of S.  We tried for well over an hour.  We went to the hospital next door for an ultrasound.  He was OK in there but not great.  Still not getting the responses they needed.  We were having a baby!

We were induced and things were moving slowly but moving.  We took a break overnight so I could sleep.  Started up again in the morning.  After many hours of labor, he and I were both in distress and things moved very quickly after that and things are a bit blurry for me.  Wheeling to the OR, the anesthesiologist in his mask and smiling eyes, my wonderful OB reassuring us that things were going to be just fine, the cry of the little boy I had been waiting to meet.

I don't like it out here!

Well, maybe it isn't that bad....

So tired.....

Pretty good grip for being brand new, eh?

Tiny hands

Being new is exhausting--need a cuddle and a nap with Mommy

One week old


Eight years later and still cuddling with Mommy :)