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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Art Museum To The Rescue!

Last weekend, we got hit with high humidity.  Heat by itself doesn't really bother us but couple it with humidity and no one wants to be outside!  And you know its hot when the boys choose to stay in :p  So on one of those hot humid days, we sought refuse inside the Art Museum and its lovely air conditioning :p

The kids had never been to an Art Museum before--we had gone to history and science museums in the past.  S takes Art in school and it is one of his favorite classes and when he learned that Aunt Heidi used to love going to Art Museums with me when she was a kid, he decided that we just had to visit an Art Museum this summer.  The one in the Big City to the South is free, you just have to pay parking, so off we went :)

The boys are still a bit young to appreciate most of the art and it kinda felt like we were speed walking through most of the museum but they did have fun and both want to go back (Iz is up for anything that involves riding around in her stroller).  A few of the pieces caught their attention and they wanted to stop and really really look at them but mostly they just liked walking past and seeing things.

The really fun part for them came at the end, though--the Family Center.  First room we went to was full of games and toys and things for playing pretend.  Iz had fun doing some color matching puzzles:

S and B made a bee line for the marble runs and trains (and were soon joined by Miss Iz, who divided her time between being helpful and playing her role as Idzilla....):

The second room of the Family Center is the art room--the Littles were not really interested in going there so they stayed with my Mom in the playroom and S and I headed over to do some artwork :)  I made him a colored pencil sketch and he made me a 3D picture complete with teepee, torch, and jeweled river :)
Using giant q-tips to make a teepee

And when we left, I spotted this in the parking lot:

I have never seen a real, live, honest-to-goodness electric car charging station before :p  I was quite excited!  I couldn't leave without a picture :p