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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Pigtails

This is a terrible picture, I know.  But she wouldn't stop moving and this was the best one I got :p  The other day, Iz kept pointing to my ponytail so I asked her if she wanted her hair done up, too.  She was so excited--kept bouncing up and down, clapping, giggling.  S picked out some pony tail holders (bright pink, to match the pink in her OCC "shirt" (it was a dress but she quickly outgrew it but she loves it so much it graduated to shirt status :p) her Daddy bought her before she was even born) and I did the best I could to get pigtails in a squirmy, bouncy almost-two-year-old.  She kept touching them and going, "WOW!"  Because she kept touching and tugging on them, I didn't think they would last long but she left them in for a couple of hours.  I have no idea what she did with the holders, though.  She took them out in the car so I'm assuming they are under a seat or something :p