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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PawPaw's House

  My Dad always told me that when he became a Grandpa, he didn't want any cutesy names.  He would be Grandpa, which is what I always called my Grandfathers, and that was it.  Up until this year, he got his wish.  But when my Busy Little B had his speech regression a few years ago, he stopped being able to clearly say Grandpa.  He has used garbled versions of it the past two years but a few months ago, he switched to saying PawPaw and nothing can dissuade this kid from using it.  He has used it so often and so consistently that S and Iz say it, too.  So does my husband.  So do I.  So does my Mom.  And the other day, my Dad gave in and has started using it, too LOL  

The boy who started the PawPaw craze
My parents recently bought their very first house and the novelty is very attractive to my kidlets so I hear, "I want go PawPaw's House!" on a daily basis.  Last weekend, my parents had a BBQ so my kids got to spend hours playing at PawPaw's House (It wasn't enough--they were very sad that no sleepover invitations were extended).  PawPaw got them some airplane kits and much fun was had flying them around the yard (and over the fence into the neighbors yard and up on top of the awning in the backyard and onto the top of the cars.......).
So excited about the planes!
What was that?
Most of my pictures of her are the back of her head, running off to see something else :p
Ready to launch
Leaving the "Captain's Chair"