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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We finally got the appointment....

....for my Busy Little B.  Why, oh, why, was this so hard?  Why did I have to jump through so many hoops?  Do so much driving?  Talk to so many people?  If I hadn't had the pediatric social worker working on this, we would still be struggling to get our appointment.  But we finally got an intake appointment--doesn't guarantee they will actually do the autism testing but its a start.  I guess.  :-\  If they refuse to do the testing, I have no idea what the next steps are.  The pediatricians think he needs the testing and if the local county agency disagrees, where do I go?  What do I do?  Why is this so hard?  UGH.

And they prefer if I come alone.  S is away on a field trip today through his summer camp but I still have two more.  If their dad wasn't able to take them today, how the heck am I supposed to go alone to an appointment?  Its the middle of the day and the people willing to watch him are all at work (he can be.....difficult? spirited? obstinate? fixated? so the list is rather short). It is a frustrating system to navigate through.  But at least we are beginning.  I just wish it was through the Children's Hospital instead of the county :p  I guess if I am looking for a bright spot, the gas costs for driving will be less and that has to be a good thing since all the driving gets so darn expensive....I may need to sell a kidney soon ;-)  (kidding, kidding....that's illegal ;p)