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Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot & Humid Days

This week has been terrible as far as the heat--every day, the bottom of the screen is bright red with the "EXCESSIVE HEAT" warnings.  We have been spending all of our time indoors and break a sweat just trying to go from the front door to the car.  B and Iz are my sensitive kids when it comes to heat and humidity--it takes very very little to turn them bright red and sweaty.  S is a little more hardy and he happily plays outside for short periods at his day camp.  The Littles, though, need to be entertained indoors and being at home gets old very quickly :p  We have seen the inside of the Playplace far too often recently LOL  But they sure do have fun and the other day they insisted they MUST pose with the giant giraffe :)
He wanted the whole giraffe in the picture
Iz wants in on the action
B tells me to COME CLOSER
Iz abandons the giraffe and B is left laughing by himself :p