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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As S gets older, he has started to outgrow his obsession with costumes.  He used to love putting on costumes and wearing them around the house :)  The very first costume he bought all by himself was Ironman--he has gotten a little bit of money in his Halloween bucket and a few days after Halloween spotted the Ironman costume on the clearance rock.  He had almost enough to buy it and we pitched in the rest and it has become a favorite and well worn costume.  If you look closely, you can see some of the seams are ripped out because S wore it far past the point where it fit him.

But B doesn't care!  The costume is still a little long for him (he is stockier than S was at this age so he has already outgrown clothes S wore at four but he is shorter) so he likes to roll up the sleeves and legs and turn it into a short-sleeved shorts Ironman costume LOL  But he loves to wear it and at least once a day I hear him shout "IRONMAN!" and if you search him out, you'll see him doing his Ironman pose (see picture).  On this particular day, he got his costume all ready and told me he wanted snaps (his picture taken).  He struck his pose and said, "IRONMAN, cheese!"