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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Special Time

We are finally moving out of the observation/gathering information stage of therapy for Iz and getting into some of the hands-on behavioral therapy.  Right now we are in the relationship-building stage where we work on shifting our behaviors to change her behaviors.  Our "homework" this week and last is to spend "special time" with her--at least five minutes a day where we focus on her and let her lead what we do.  During those five minutes, we are supposed to focus on NOT doing three things--giving commands, asking questions, and criticism.  There are five things we are to focus on doing--PRIDE.  P is for praise--not your generic "great job" but labeled praise to emphasis the good things she is doing (you played with that toy so gently, I love how you hugged your brother so nicely, great job putting those blocks together, etc).  R is for reflection--repeated words/phrases back to her as a statement (she says "help?" and you say "you need help", etc).  I is for imitate--we imitate the actions we want her to be doing.  So if she drives the car on the floor where it belongs, we get a car and drive it, too.  If she stacks a block, we stack a block. etc.).  D is for describe--using words to describe her actions (you are closing the door, you are stacking the blocks, etc).  And E is for enthusiasm--being genuine in your excitement over what she is doing.

I am so used to asking her questions when we do things that not asking them for those five minutes is hard for me LOL