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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthday photos!

S had his birthday this past Monday :)  We didn't do a party yet because his summer camp program at school started on Monday and he wanted to be able to invite some friends to do something fun so we are going to do a party later this month.  All week he has been trying to decide who to invite and what they should do (current wish is for a fun BBQ at his favorite park with lots of games and a "spy" theme) so he can make his invitations this weekend :p

But the actual birthdate can't pass without a little celebrating, right?  So he picked out a cake at the store (chocolate with cherries on top) and helped put the eight candles on it and then acted all shy when we lit it up and sang to him ;-)

You can almost see his brain turning, trying to decide on a wish

Almost got them all!

 It has become a tradition in our house to light the cake several times.  It started when S was small because he liked to blow on the candles and we would let him do it a couple times.  And then when B got to the age where he was able to blow out candles, he liked it so much that we would light them up a few times for him.  So now, everyone, including the adults, gets their candles lit a few times so they can be blown out over and over.  Although the adults usually let the little kids "help" and blow out the candles for them.  This year, S blew them out a few times and then asked B if he wanted to blow some out, too, which made B so very happy :D

Nope, didn't get them all this time, either.