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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Library Storytime

S has always loved story time--even when he was too little to really sit through it, he loved to go.  The Story time Lady at our local library was wonderfully patient with him and never got mad when he would dance around or talk or come up to point at the pictures.  We worked on library manners and over time, he got it down and is now the model Story time attendee.

We don't really do story time during the school year--the evening family session is smack dab in the middle of dinner/bath/story/bedtime routines and we try not to mess those routines up.  Occasionally my Mom would drop by and take him (he can handle having his routine disrupted to a certain extent) but we typically reserve story time for the summers when we can go during the day.  I must admit, part of that reluctance to go in the evening has been B's reaction to story time.

He HATED it.  Asking him to sit in the circle was torture to him--he screamed and cried and would then run around screeching and disrupting the entire group.  We tried several times and B's story time always ended with us leaving the group after just a few minutes to read quietly in another part of the library.  He did fine in the one-on-one setting but could not handle the group.  We would join back in for the crafts but B didn't like the feel of the supplies, whether it was paint or construction paper or whatever.  S would use his craft supplies to make something instead :p  Between B's screaming and his unwillingness to participate, we stopped going with him.  I would take S and he would join the circle and then I would go do something elsewhere in the library with B.

When B started playgroup with Early Intervention, we pretty much had the same response--as soon as you asked him to get in the circle, the screaming would start.  They sorta expect it there, though, so week after week, I or one of the ladies would hold a screaming B and try to get him to take an interest and participate in circle time.  He never did.

However, his year of preschool did what EI could not--he will sit quietly in group circle time!  It was part of his daily routine at school and while they did have days where he reverted back to old behaviors, he is fairly cooperative now.  On Wednesday when we went to the Summer Reading Program, B was quiet and listened.   YAY!!!!!  So far only S is signed up but I may just need to sign B up for his age group and keep his circle time skills up to date ;-)

Before we could leave, we had to do puzzles :p  You can't have a library trip without puzzles!

Fun times at the library