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Monday, July 29, 2013

Appointment number two is on the books!

My Busy Little B got his next appointment date for the autism evaluations--Friday we go in for the observation part of things.  Has anyone been through this before?  Know what to expect?  I need to make a note to myself to bring him a snack as the evaluator said a snack is part of the meeting but they don't provide the snack so I need to bring one :p

In other news, I finally got a call from the Occupational Therapy Department at the Children's Hospital for S.  We did the paperwork a while back but then had to wait for them to have an opening.  He will be going twice a week starting next week.  That moves our number of trips to the Hospital to three per week.  At around 80 miles round trip.  OY.  Anyone want to buy a kidney?  (I kid, of course, since that is illegal :p).  Sam's Club will be making a small fortune off of me in gas sales alone ;)