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Sunday, July 7, 2013


All of the rain we have had lately has really put a damper on our summertime fun.  Our yard is unfortunately full of low spots and is terribly wet and muddy.  By the time it starts getting almost dry enough to play in, the rain rolls through again.  The local parks are a little better but the rain is coming so frequently that we never quite seem to make it before the next storm is coming.  So every few days we end up retreating to Play Land because they really really need to just do some running and climbing and wearing themselves out :p

Before Iz can do anything else, she has to make sure all shoes are in the shoe wall.  We typically have the boys leave their shoes near the table but lately Iz has been insistent that they shoes MUST go in the bins--guess we trained her a little too well at home ;-)
Putting away the shoes.

The moment we walk through the door, B has those shoes stripped off and he disappears into the play structure.  After a few minutes, he normally comes down the slide, runs over, waves, and disappears again.  On this particular day, his journey down the slide was accompanied by yee-haws and woo-hoos.
Telling me the slide is "up high" and he "came down"

Iz is sometimes brave enough to venture up into the top layers of the play structure but she is usually content to climb in and out of the bottom layer and run around the open parts of the room :p  She also likes getting up and down on the chairs at the table.  When I snapped this picture, she had climbed up, looked all over the table, and signed "more" (her way of asking for food).  She looked quite distressed that there was nothing for her to nibble or drink.  After this photo, we told her we would get her a snack and she was all smiles.
Where's the food?

She climbed down from her chair and ran off to play....or so I thought.  She was actually going to get herself a comfy chair LOL  She got a high chair and dragged it over, put it in place next to me at the table, and then climbed in (I held it to make sure she didn't tip it over--she has gained an independent streak lately and wants to do everything herself).
Getting ready
They had their snack, played some more, and then complained that we had to leave, even though they were tired and sweaty :p