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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Again, my day was talking about poop

Of course, the fact that we were seeing GI probably had a lot to do with it :p  Even though Baby W sees GI for reflux and aspirations, we still talk about poop an awful lot.  Pretty sure GIs are just hardwired to talk about it LOL  Baby W has a different GI than Iz so we spent some time with Dr A this time around.

Baby W is officially off Prilosec! WooHoo!  Dr. A lowered his dose last time we were in (Dec 1) and I asked her about doing a trial completely off to see how he did since even on days when he fought and spit and didn't get a dose, he wasn't really spitting up. She said no problem, see how he does so he hasn't taken any in months :)  At first, we had some minor spit up, maybe once or twice a week but its been a few weeks since he's spit up so he has officially outgrown his reflux and the meds are removed from his "currently taking" list.  His reflux was so very severe that we didn't expect him to have such a sudden turnaround.

Scheduling didn't work to get his swallow study before our visit so she can't change his thickening consistency or decide if he needs more NMES therapy.  Swallow Study is March 27th so a couple weeks to go and then she'll either call or email after she gets the results with the game plan.  We go back to see her in 4 months.

Oh, and he was a bit over 22 pounds today and moved up several percentiles on the growth chart :)  He's still below 15th percentile but this time last year he wasn't even on the chart so yay for progress, eh?