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Monday, March 6, 2017

Cooking lessons

The past few months S has gotten really interested in learning how to cook so a few times a week I make sure he works with me in the kitchen to start getting down some of the basics.  Some of his favorite meals we make together a few times and then he flies solo (mostly--I'm still there when he needs a hand or if something is still too much for him to handle) and makes it on his own.  He doesn't have too many dishes yet that he can do on his own but he's getting there!  Tonight was a help mom and build your skills night.

One of the kids favorites that we do about every six weeks or so is nacho night.  We started making our own seasoning mix for tacos/nachos a few months ago but we haven't yet landed on a spice mixture we want to keep yet (feel free to spam me with your favorite blends if you mix your own! We'll try it :D).  We tried a new mixture tonight and S kept busy locating the different spices and herbs and helping me measure them out and pour them through our IKEA funnel and into our IKEA spice jar so we have some mix to last.  We tripled the recipe so we won't have to mix one up for a while and to give ourselves several recipes to try it out.  This mix was ok and we likely will mix it up again but I'm not positive it will be our "we always make this!" version.  It was kinda funny, though--the recipe called for crushed red pepper flakes and we did not have any but we did have a packet of them hanging around from one of our pizza nights and it was just enough for the recipe :p