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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finally got the call

A few weeks ago, before we were even done with feeding therapy, one of the therapists submitted the request to get the swallow study scheduled.  She knew we were nearly finished with our prescribed number of sessions and wanted to get the ball running.  She and her colleague would periodically ask if I'd gotten the call to schedule but I never did.  Feeding therapy ended, still no call.  Finally, I called them last week to see what the hold up was.  They never issued an order for the swallow study so the clinic didn't know they needed to schedule one *sigh*

The GI was out for the week so I had to wait until this week for her to return and decide whether or not to order a swallow study.  Got the call finally but now all the spots are filled so March 27th is the date :\  I know the therapists were hoping for soon after therapy ending (hence why they sent over their request for the GI to write an order so early) so if he's ready he can finally come off the thickeners.

Ah, well, at least he's used to the thickeners.  Even if he is constantly trying to snitch unthickened drinks :P