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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Today was a lazy day for us but Duck was hard at work

Today is cold and snowy so we snuggled down inside and watched tv, played with W's new train, got out the dollhouse, and frankly, just be lazy ;)  The morning started off as all mornings should--with coffee!  Army Duck needed a big cup:

Duck is in Texas today and he was super busy with work but he did find time to take one picture for us, out near Pecos, Texas:

I must admit, we were a little jealous of his wide open blue skies and warmth.  We watched it snow most of the day and the kids fought over the blanket on the sofa :p  We were so lazy today, we didn't even cook a full on meal!  We made a salad bar, which was a bigger hit than I thought it would be.  They don't mind eating a salad as a side dish with dinner but while I will eat an entree salad as my complete meal, I've never tried it with them:

Excuse the dark lines on the table.  Someone *cough*Iz*cough* found a sharpie one day and those marks never did come completely off.  We are so used to them we don't even think about it but every once in a while I really notice them and think, hmmm, that looks bad.  Ah, kids.  Its always something!

I think if I had just dumped everything in the salad bowl and served it up they would have been resistant but putting all the toppings out for them to make their own was a lot of fun. Plus they could leave off the things they didn't like.  I thought for sure that bowl of cut up fried chicken tenders would disappear first but it was the grilled chicken that emptied out almost immediately!  Baby W ate multiple servings of veggies, chicken, and boiled eggs but barely touched the avocado--he's always been hit or miss with avocado.  He will eat it if its spread on buttered toast every time but plain?  Only once in a while.