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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Baby W has opinions!

Baby W's recent language burst means he is also able to express his opinions on things :)  Sometimes those opinions are contradictory but they are still his!

We had salmon tonight, first time for Baby W.  First bite he told me was "yuh" (yuck) but he kept chewing.  Second bite was "hmm" and by bite number five it was "moe" (more).  He will keep trying things he doesn't like to see if he changes his mind--the only things he will absolutely not eat have to do with texture, not the food itself since he will usually eat those foods in a different form.  Makes feeding him easier since if he doesn't like it, he will eat it anyway because he's determined that he'll like it!

He's also learned how to demand what drink he wants.  He told me tonight he wanted "joo!" (juice) and if he can snag someone's unthickened water he will hug it close and declare "wums!" (his version of his name is Wum).  This boy LOVES water but he won't drink it with the ThickIt in it (can't blame him there) so his main drinks are watered down juice and milk (sometimes with a tiny bit of chocolate powder because he won't always tolerate plain milk with the ThickIt). He wants so much to be like his big sister and get a straw cup with lovely plain water to carry around and sip from.