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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Does it still count as homeschooling?

Miss Iz spends so much of her preschool day trapped in her anxieties that she hasn't really been getting much out of it academically.  I mean, she's not missing out on everything, she has learned lots of songs and some of her letters and numbers but the planned academics versus what she is retaining are not matching up.  We picked up a kindergarten curriculum book a while back and a new big box of crayons and she was so excited about it!  We keep them locked in the pantry so no one can take her stuff :p  She likes that she is doing schoolwork a year ahead of all her classmates.

She goes to preschool in the morning, I pick her up, we come home and have lunch, and then she does her worksheets.  Sometimes we sit together, sometimes I do some cleaning in the kitchen so I can help her if she needs me to (she very rarely does).  Right now it is easy stuff, colors and shapes, practicing fine motor skills like tracing, drawing, and cutting, a few words to learn, some counting.  Its starting to get a little more complicated so the number of sheets she does in one day is dwindling but she still thinks it is so much fun.

There are days we don't get to do worksheets because of appointments or errands but we still get some schooling in.  On appointment days she gets to play on a tablet and she almost always choosing the learning apps.  She will practice tracing letters, adding, sight words, math games.  She has a couple of "just for fun" apps but rarely plays them.

Other days she runs errands with me.  The other day we were at the grocery store and she wanted to buy dessert.  She found some whole fruit frozen bars and pointed out how healthy they would be (and she was right--a mix of pureed fruits frozen on a stick).  I asked her how many came in the box and she very seriously examined it until she found the number and was able to tell me what it was (4).  I ask her if it will be enough so she counts out everyone who will eat one (me, you, S, B, one, two, three, four).  What about W? I ask.  She says the bars are too big for him and that I usually let him have a bite or two of mine so we don't need to buy a second box because we would have too many. My boys would have tried to convince me to get two boxes so W could have one and they could have two LOL  She pays attention to how I grocery shop and knew I would not have chosen to buy two boxes so W could have a bar way too big for him :p