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Friday, March 24, 2017

My Busy Little B was a proud little pig!

My Busy Little B's mainstream class has been busily preparing for a musical event :)  On the day of the performance, they did two concerts, one during school hours and one in the evening.  They had to change B's transport time so he could participate so he got over to his special needs classroom late that day but I'm told he did great with the extra time (in fact, we have a meeting soon to discuss increasing his transition time again so he's in the mainstream classroom longer) and had lots of fun performing.

After dinner we loaded everyone up and went to see his evening performance.  It was during bedtime so the littlest ones were kinda cranky but they held up fairly well.  Iz and W were so ready for bed by the time we got home, though LOL

All the songs were about the farm and B got to play a pig!  He kept telling me he wanted to wear pink but I couldn't find his pink shirt so he wore red instead.  It wasn't until we were pulling into the parking lot for the parent performance that he told me he had wanted to wear pink because he was going to be a pig!  If I'd known, I would have looked harder for that pink shirt :p  I just thought he was in the mood for pink!