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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Last OT of March!

Apparently this is W's week to shine in therapy because he has been so focused and has participated beautifully with all of his therapists this week :)

He and Miss M worked on some fine motor skills first--last week she introduced the motions for twisting a cap off and on and off all week I have been practicing it with him and he just would not do it on his own.  Miss M arrives and he was showing off his ability to twist the cap and make the toy pop out :p  Little stinker.

They did some strength exercises where they affixed little suction cup toys to my freezer and then pulled them off--the harder you push on them, the harder they are to pull back off.  At first, he pushed them on and they barely took any strength to pull back off but by the end, he could push them on hard enough they made popping noises when you pulled them back off.  He thought that was hilarious.

They did some puzzles, too, and he is getting much better at rotating the pieces to go in plus he did a lot of crossing the midline (the reason they were doing puzzles).  At the very end he swung in the blanket--he kept his head out and apparently that was today's key for an enjoyable swing instead of him crying and trying to get out.

Miss M is going to come up with some activities to help with the resurgence of sensory avoidance that has him stripping every chance he gets again :p