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Saturday, March 4, 2017

First surgery

Baby W had his ENT appointment today.  He thought it quite fun to start with because he got to open all kinds of drawers and cupboards and see what was inside of them.  It actually highlighted how far he's come in his speech because he told me about all the things he found inside the drawers.  One drawer held a "big sta" (big stack) of green cloths, another held bags, another had "tings", one was "stuh!" (stuck, aka locked LOL).  He didn't enjoy the exams as much but was cooperative.  He did pass his hearing test but the exam showed that while his ear drums are moving and working, they aren't moving the way they should so there is still fluid back there.  I looked up his records and his first diagnosis of ear and sinus infection was all the way back in the middle of December--he was sick for about two weeks before he went in with what started as a cold.  Four ear infections, four rounds of antibiotics and the fluid is still there and if our pattern continues, he will probably end up with another infection.  So tubes it is to keep the fluid drained.  My Busy Little B also had to have tubes back in 2012.  Surgery is scheduled for later this month--fingers crossed that we don't get another ear infection before then and have to postpone!  He has another runny nose today so its possible we are gearing up again for another sickness :\