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Sunday, March 5, 2017

He's gaining some skills!

All of the OT and PT and ST is really paying off for Baby W!  He is gaining so many new skills it can be hard to keep up with him :)

PT started working with him because his balance can get so bad, especially when he looks up (he tends to fall over backwards).  Miss C has been working on strengthening muscles and practicing activities that make him lose his balance and while he still loses his balance a lot, we are seeing improvements and his ability to do ordinary things is getting better.  He can now stand on one foot while holding the other up so I can slip on his pants or shoes!  He could pick one foot up off the ground if he was leaning on me but without leaning he would fall and he could not do the other foot at all.  Now he stands up straight with just his hands on my arms and can lift both :)

ST started working with him because he only had half the words they expect by his age and he rarely tried to repeat what others said to him.  Now he babbles constantly with a bunch of new words thrown in and even short phrases and sentences!  He tries to mimic what we say and has picked up some new words that way as well.  Granted, he is pretty much unintelligible to everyone but me (and sometimes me, too!) but it is such great progress.

He's been working with OT the longest and he loves Miss M so much, even when she asks him to do stuff he doesn't like such as working on the ball or bolster :p  She started working with him for sensory stuff but added in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, core strength, crossing the midline, and working his hip flexors.  We most definitely see a big change from OT--he tolerates clothing and shoes, covers up with a blanket, his attention span improved, he can sit in his high chair normally.

Sometimes it can take such a long time to see the benefits of therapy--its nice to see so many positive steps in the right direction after just months of therapies.