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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This week's PT update

Miss C brought her roller skates again today--the last time, W wanted NOTHING to with them but today he was all for strapping them to his shoes and attempting to "skate." She held his hands and he shuffled around and had great fun :)

She's been trying to teach him to hit and catch a ball with a little kiddie plastic bat and ball but he doesn't "get" it.  In his mind, she hits the ball with the bat and he does a little dance, claps, and laughs a lot.

Miss C didn't get to do the other thing she had planned because W went and got the skates back out and tried to put them back on--since its a good activity to help with balance and all, she helped him put them on and they spent the rest of their time shuffling through the house :)

Iz was supposed to have PT this afternoon as well but the scheduler told me one thing and then scheduled it earlier :|  Wouldn't have been so bad but instead of telling me right away, they left us sitting in the waiting room for twenty minutes before telling me.  :\