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Saturday, March 25, 2017

This week's OT update

Baby W seems to have gotten over his case of Mr. Crankypants and is back to normal toddler meltdowns and power struggles so his OT session went really well.  He has decided he is terrified of Miss M's blanket, though, so getting him to lay or sit down to swing is so hard.  Its great input for him, though, and helps work his muscles so we keep trying to get him back to enjoying it.  Neither of us can figure out why he's suddenly so afraid of it.  He wasn't that fond of it at first but then seemed to like it but now he doesn't even want to touch the blanket.

Miss M brought her pop out tunnel today.  We were laughing at how he would NOT go near that tunnel the first time she brought it and today he was helping her undo all the Velcro straps to open it up and he could hardly wait to zoom right through it.

He did a lot of fine motor work today.  He's been using just his pointer finger on one hand to manipulate things so she was getting him to use both hands and more of his fingers to push and turn and slide things on the toys.  We also built a caterpillar with some pop beads that were pretty tight so he needed help at first to get them on and off but by the end he was doing it on his own.  You could just see his arm muscles flexing trying to get those beads off, though!