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Saturday, March 11, 2017

If you don't clap for me, I'll just do it myself

I am pretty sure Baby W is addicted to praise ;)  It has become second nature to tell the kids they are doing a good job on simple things as a way to encourage them to continue making good choices, whether its being kind to one another or picking up toys without being asked.  As our youngest family member, Baby W gets praise from everyone and he LOVES it.  Picks up a shoe and puts it away, someone tells him what a good boy he is.  Puts recycling in the bin, someone claps for him.  He gives a hug or kiss, someone tells him he is awesome.

Today he apparently felt he wasn't being praised enough because he'd do something he felt was praiseworthy, yell to get the attention of whoever happened to be in the room and then he'd clap and say "Yay, Wum!"  It was so cute. And perhaps a sign we should maybe back off on some of the praise ;)