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Friday, March 10, 2017

Where's Baby W?

We had a GI appointment for Izzy today (just her regular checkup visit to touch base.  Every three months, nothing exciting) and as always, Baby W was fascinated by the cabinets.  In some rooms, there are empty cupboards, usually where the sink is, and the staff have assured us they keep them empty on purpose because kids love to get in them so if there is an empty cabinet, W is so there :p

Usually he climbs in and will sit or lay in and watch us from his own private little cubby

Today, though, he took it a step further and closed the doors to hide from us!

And then he pulled his hands in and we could hear him giggling--he thought he was completely hidden from view.  He never considered we could still see his feet!

We played along, of course, and said things like 'oh, no, W is gone!  Where's W?  I can't find W anywhere!"  His giggles increased and then his tiny voice answered us back with 'hea!' (his version of here). And he pushed the doors open and laughed and laughed :)