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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ear Check!

Baby W saw the pediatrician for his ear check after the last round of antibiotics.  The ears are still full of fluid. *sigh*  On the bright side, though, there was no infection and he hasn't been showing signs of illness so we were finally able to go ahead and get the vaccinations that were due back in December.  The doctor kept postponing them because he didn't want to give them to W sick.  We did have one clear visit last month but it was the "all clear" visit for the MRI and Doctor M didn't want to do vaccinations and then have W develop a fever or something and then have to cancel the MRI yet again so we decided to do them after the MRI.  W, of course, got sick right after the MRI, though, so it took another month to get to this point :p

*fingers crossed* that we make it to ear tube surgery without more infections!  It would be our luck to have to postpone ear tubes due to another ear infection ;)